A large collection of artifacts is already available for the future museum. Now the project has reached a stage when premises are required for the exhibition. With this website, we hope to find sponsors and partners for the final implementation of this project.

In today's Information Age it is hard to find anyone who does not own a collection of favorite songs, movies or keep a digital archive of personal files. Whether for entertainment or work, data storage became a vital necessity worldwide, for individuals and corporations alike. People usually take the convenience of music, video or a computer data recording technology as an achievement of today's fast paced industry, but little they realize that the history of data recording and its automatated playback is over a thousand years long.

Since the days when data recording and automated playback was invented, scientists and engineers are striving to develop new, more convenient, more reliable data storage formats and the manufacturers are constantly competing for the market. Only in the last two decades dozens of new media formats have been introduced, and most of them already became a history. Even such recent and popular formats as CDs and DVDs are now steadily disappearing from household. Today, when physical media is being rapidly pushed into obsolescence by online storage, and data storage is rather integrated into electronic gadgets themselves, it is would be especially interesting to recall how people have managed to work and entertain themselves during the past century, without the convenience of modern technology.

It was not long ago when people still widely used audio cassettes, VHS tapes and computer floppies. Older people can still remember listening to vinyl records and reels or, perhaps, enjoying 8mm films. A few retro enthusiasts could recall some more historical media, such as wax cylinders, piano rolls, 8-tracks or punch cards. But perhaps no one today could even imagine all the multitude of media formats that have ever existed and the impressive variety of their creative designs.

Now there is an opportunity to actually see hundreds of these vintage formats, as an extensive collection of them is already available for exhibition. The museum visitors would be amused to see lots of curious artifacts, would be able to trace the history of data recording and discover interesting facts.

With this website we hope to find partners and sponsors to create a permanent museum.
It would become the world's first and only museum of the kind.