...that a machine which could play a pre-recorded music was first made over a 1100 years ago?

...that it became possible to collect recordings of favorite tunes over 160 years ago?

...that the world’s oldest known recording of a human voice is over 150 years old?

...that people were able to record themselves at their home as early as in 1920s.?

...that the world’s first act of audio piracy was documented in 1902?

  • When and how was video and sound recording invented?
  • What are is the world's first sounds and videos ever recorded?
  • What is the difference between analog and digital recording? Which one is better?
  • Why do the standard records have 78rpm, 45rpm or 33rpm speeds?
  • What is the difference between acoustic and electric records?
  • Did you ever wonder how can a stereo sound be recorded on a single record groove?
  • Why old 78rpm records can be played as is, but new vinyl records have to be amplified?
  • What are the cons and pros of mechanical, magnetic or optical recording?
  • How was the stereo sound invented?
  • Why do standard CDs have a 74 minute limit?

All these and many other curious facts you’d be able to learn
in the new Retro Media Museum once it is established.